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School Procedures

School Day
Doors open: 7:45 am
Hours: 8:00 am - 2:20 pm
Morning Arrival
Doors will open for all students starting at 7:45 am
For parents who are driving their students in the morning we ask that you please remain in your vehicle. Vehicles cannot be parked and left unattended as this creates a serious safety hazard.
Staff members, wearing yellow vests, will assist in helping get students out of their cars.   
As students enter the building they are directed into the auditorium to grab breakfast, if they haven't already eaten at home, and sit/eat with their class.
At 8:00 am classes will be dismissed from the auditorium to walk to their classrooms and begin their day.
School Visitors
Effective February 10, 2023, visitors entering DOE schools or buildings are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination. 

When entering the building: 


All visitors must stop at the School Safety Agent (SSA) desk in the main lobby to show your license, sign in, and receive a visitor badge.  


Visitors need to state the purpose of the visit and the person they wish to see. Please remember you need an appointment to meet with most school staff. You can schedule appointments via email/ClassDojo.   


The SSA will call the main office and speak to a member of the office staff.  The SSA will tell the office staff the purpose of the visit and verify that an appointment has been made. 


Once the appointment is confirmed, an office staff member will escort the visitor to the appropriate location. 


No visitor is to leave the lobby without an escort from the office. 

At the conclusion of all meetings, staff members must escort visitors back to the main lobby.  Visitors will sign out and return the visitor pass to the SSAs. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

Early Pick Up 

Parents are allowed to pick up a child prior to regular dismissal time for illness, injuries, or other obligations that cannot be scheduled outside of the regular school day. 


 Parent/guardians should inform the main office by 9:00 am on the day of the event. You can have your child bring a written note, email/ClassDojo the teachers, or call the main office. The notification should include the time of pick-up, the name of the adult picking the child(ren) up, and the reason for early dismissal.


In the case of an emergency, parents/guardians should call the main office @ 718-831-4021.

No student will be dismissed from the main office after 1:45pm